Our Goals

The goals of the Bert Miller Nature Club of Fort Erie;

1. to preserve, protect, restore and improve the natural resources and environment of the Niagara Peninsula; 2. to protect and preserve the wildlife of the Niagara Peninsula and to protect the natural habitat therein; 3. to encourage, promote and foster an understanding and awareness of the natural resources and environment and their value in enhancing the quality of life; 4. to encourage cooperation with other organizations having similar interests; 5. to recognize and honour individuals contributing to the preservation and restoration of our natural heritage;

Bert Miller Nature Club Board

Current Executives

President Lynda Goodridge Vice President vacant Secretary Peter BonEnfant Tresurer Rick Stockton Memberships Deb Sherk

Directors Viki Busche Janet Kellam Eliza Durant Alida Osborn Tim Seburn

Financial Statements

Our financial statements are available upon request. Please contact us.