Current Projects

The Bert Miller Nature Club is actively involved in a variety of projects. Click on the links below to learn more about each project. Please consider volunteering your time to help us with one or more projects.


Chimney Swift Monitoring

The Chimney Swift monitoring program of Niagara provides important data for developing strategies to aid in their conservation.

The Shagbark Nature Park

Shagbark Nature Park

The Shagbark Nature Park initiative is one that the Bert Miller Nature Club is currently working on. It involves the rehabilitation of a Town-owned municipal nature area. The long term vision is to preserve the existing Maple/Beech forest and rehabilitate surrounding lands to increase the extent and diversity of the woodlot.

(X) BMNC Group Lake Erie Shore Marcy's Woods 26 Apr 2015

Lake Erie Coast

The Lake Erie Dune Restoration Brochure lists the types of coastlines along the Lake Erie coast from Fort Erie to Dunnville. This project was completed through a grant from the province in partnership with the Coastal Centre. Check out this brochure on the link below.

Past Projects

Here is some information about some of our past projects.

Grass Pickerel

Grass Pickerel

This smaller species of pickerel lives in several creeks in Fort Erie, including a section of Beaver Creek where the Town of Fort Erie would like to increase the rate of flow.

(X) BMNC Group Lake Erie Shore Marcy's Woods 26 Apr 2015

Marcy's Woods

Marcy's Woods is an intact Carolinian sandhill forest lying at the Eastern end of Lake Erie on the Point Abino peninsula.

Fowlers Toads

Fowlers Toads

Under the leadership of the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and McGill University, we have been contributing volunteer hours to the Fowlers Toad Recovery Project for many years.