About the Project

Under the leadership of the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and McGill University, we have been contributing volunteer hours to the Fowlers Toad Recovery Project for many years. From May to July each year, volunteers from our Club visit the road allowances along the Lake Erie shoreline to collect data regarding Fowlers toad populations. Calling males are counted by judging the strength of their chorus. Some toads are captured so their sex, size, and spotting patterns can be recorded.

And, on rare occasions, the toads’ toes have been clipped according to a specific pattern. From the toads’ reactions, they really do not like having their toes clipped, so toe-clipping has been kept to a minimum. Toe-clipping permits re-identification of an individual toad so range and rate of growth can be determined.

By analyzing the data submitted by BMNC and many other contributors there is now a much better understanding of Fowlers toad. The BMNC has a couple copies of an excellent booklet produced by the Fowler Toad Recovery Team available for interested members to read.

In 2008 we received a grant from Toronto Dominion Friends of the Environment fund to promote awareness of the Fowlers toad. Raising awareness for this species was identified as a risk factor by the Fowlers Toad Recovery Team. Our partners in this interesting project include Safari Niagara, a privately owned zoo in Stevensville. Check our library to review copies of the panels our Club had produced.

Fowlers Toads

Fowlers Toad